HVAC Recycling

Recycling isn’t just for paper, plastics, aluminums, glasses, and various metal. I know that’s what comes to most of our minds. But you can also recycle appliances that include heating, ventilation and air conditioners. You must dispose of these safely as these pieces of equipment can contain hazardous chemicals. I will list ways below on how to safely get rid of old ac equipment you need to get rid of.

hvac recycle

#1: Take To A Landfill/Dump

Most of the time it’s not a good idea for HVAC units to end up in a landfill or dump with some chemicals still in the unit as these can be released into the air and contribute to gas emissions. Think about calling a local landfill or public facility to get clarification/approval. You may have to dump or empty the coolant before dumping the equipment.

#2: Re-Sale The Unit

One other option is to resell or donate the unit to a charity or give to a goodwill type store. If the unit still works you can make a little money reselling it. Craigslist or Ebay might be good options. You could even advertise in your local classified ads. This is what many people do when it’s time to replace one for a better, more efficient HVAC unit.

#3 You Can Get A Rebate

Many HVAC companies will offer a rebate program of some sorts where they will actually buy back your old unit. Ultimately i have to believe that this is the best option when your getting rid of your unit. Wenatchee HVAC is a company that does this for people in their service area. You can see more info on their Air Conditioning services webpage.


Hopefully these tips will get you in the right direction when looking for a safe way to dispose of your HVAC unit. And remember if your in doubt call a local public service company to help you.